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Our splash aerator is applied with high intensity plastics housing and stainless steel waterproofed motor. So it has outstanding corrosion resistance. When its sealed waterproofing motor is out of working, it can still be floating above the water for lowering the possibility of the water intake and damage of electric motor. The position of its motor is in the line with the splashed water. Therefore our product can get excellent cooling effect naturally when it is working and it can have long life span. The water pipe of our machine can be lengthened expediently to suit the actual situation and be adaptable for the deep water pond. Our splash aerator is light,small and easy to install. It is mainly used in fish,shrimp,eel pools and other special aquatic ponds. It can throw the water upwards in air just like fountain which can additionally make the lake and pool more attractive.

Technical Parameters
Model Power W(HP) voltage V/50Hz 20Container Set
PY-0.55 550(3/4) 220 120
PY-0.55 550(3/4) 380 120
PY-0.75 750(1) 220 110
PY-0.75 750(1) 380 110
PY-1.1 1100(1.5) 380 110
PY-1.5 1500(2) 380 110

FORDY is an experienced splash aerator manufacturer based in China. Our company provides a wide range of products, including injector aerator, paddlewheel aerator, water cooling paddlewheel aerator, and more.

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