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Irrigation Floating Aerator

Our FB3700-10-170 or FB3000-9-150 type irrigation floating aerator is a modified type which has overcome the weaknesses such as plastic enclosure, underpower and seawater corrosion. It has stainless steel water cooling enclosure and floating junction box. The length of power cable can be customized. This floating aerator can intake water from both sides and we take use of high power electric motor to greatly enhance the work efficiency. Thus it is especially suitable for the aquaculture.

Technical Parameters
Model Power HP(KW) Max head(≥M) Max flow
Outlet pipe diameter (mm/inch) Weight
FB3700-10-170 3700 10 170 150(6) 26
FB3000-9-150 3000 9 150 150(6) 24

E-Q: Efficiency and flow curve
H-Q: lift an d flow curve
P-Q: Power and flow curve

We are a professional irrigation floating aerator manufacturer based in China. We offer an extensive line of products, including water cooling paddlewheel aerator, impeller aerator, fish pond feeding machine, air jet aerator and more.

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