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  • Irrigation Floating PumpThe irrigation floating pump we manufacture can float on the water,go down or up according to the water level. It is specially design for irrigation. It is floating designed and it avoids the risk of being jammed.
    This machine can be easy to operate and maintain. Its motor has sealed axle which is impossible to be stocked by the mud and sand from the bottom of river or pond so it has long service life...
  • Jet Aeration Floating PumpOur Jet aeration floating pump is made up of pump, injector and air intake duct. Its work process can be described as when injector starts to inject the water, a vacuum cavity inside forms and the air pours in. Then injector injects the water and air together at a high speed. In this way, the goal of aeration can be fulfilled...
  • Spraying Aeration Floating PumpOur spraying aeration floating pump used to be inspected by national technology supervision institution for many times and its aeration efficiency and dynamic efficiency both exceed the standards by more than 60%. It also can be used as water drawer, removing the injection nozzle. Moreover, it is light in weight, small in size. It generates no noise and oil pollution...
Multifunction Floating Pump

In 1987, the first floating pump in the world is born in our company. Now it has been used widely in domestic places and dozens of countries around the world.

Our floating pump can float upon the surface of water and go up and down together with water level. It is totally a new type of irrigation machine. It can draw the water on surface which has higher temperature and is good for agriculture so it can enhance the output of corps by 5%.

Our machine can be convenient to use and maintain and it has the traits of power saving and little risk of being stocked by mud and sands. User only needs to place it on water and turn on it. There is no need to worry about raining and build the machine protection facility. It is very light and easy to port.

Technical Parameters
Model Pipe diameter inch
( mm )
( W )
( v/50Hz )
Cable length (m) loading area (mu) Weight (kg) 20Container (set)
YFB1800-5-55 4 (100) 1800 380 tri-phase 25 5-7 22 300
YFBD1500-4-55 4 (100) 1500 220 single-phase 25 4-6 22 300
YFB1500-6-40 3 (80) 1500 380 tri-phase 25 4-6 18 450
YFBD1100-7-30 3 (80) 1100 220 single-phase 25 3-5 18 450
YFB1100-7-30 3 (80) 1100 380 tri-phase 25 3-5 17 450
YFBD750-5-25 3 (80) 750 220 single-phase 25 2-3 17 450
YFBD550-5-20 2½ (65) 550 220 single-phase 8 1-2 15 600
YFB370-4-10 2 (50) 370 380 tri-phase 8 1 8 850
YFBD250-4-10 2 (50) 220 220 single-phase 8 1 8 850

Our floating pump is able to covert its water drawing lift into water pressing lift. Each type has the water intake mouth 25-50 cm below the surface of water. This is the best level for water drawing. In this way, it has a short pipe and needs not be sealed by a bottom valve. Thus our product can save 10% to 30% of energy.

Due to the sealed axle of motor is out of the risk being influenced by the bottom mud and sand so our product has a quite long service life.

As a China-based multifunction floating pump manufacturer and supplier, FORDY offers a variety of products that includes irrigation floating aerator, fish pond feeding machine, paddlewheel aerator, splash aerator, and more.

Other Products
  • Irrigation Floating AeratorOur FB3700-10-170 or FB3000-9-150 type irrigation floating aerator is a modified type which has overcome the weaknesses such as plastic enclosure, underpower and seawater corrosion. It has stainless steel water cooling enclosure and floating junction box...
  • Paddlewheel AeratorWe made a breakthrough on the traditional drive system and achieve a great progress on that of our own product. Now it has won several national patents.
    Impressively, its aerobic capacity 2.59kg(02)/h is 36.3% higher than standard and dynamic efficiency 1.71kg(O2)/ is 36.8% higher than standard...