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The motor is the power source of machine and the reducer is used for the purpose of converting the output of type into the speed and torque. Therefore the quality of them means the length of aerator's service life. We are expert at the design and manufacture of high quality table top type, and our products has won the appreciation of customers.

The motor and reducer made by our company can be used to perfectly replace the type made in Taiwan, especially in size. The users of Taiwan type can feel free to use our products for replacement or updating purposes. For the motor we are able to produce the desktop paddlewheel type, Chinese style paddlewheel type, water cooling paddlewheel type, etc. Among our products, the nine- key type, iron enclosure type, aluminum enclosure type, aerator special type are all vacuum paint dipped and heat protection treated, so they have little error rate. For the reducer we can produce the bench type, aluminum type, clutch type, etc. The gears of our product are all from professional supplier and can be compared to that of automobile.

For the motor, our nine key type, iron housing type, aluminum housing type and aerator special purpose type are all applied with overheating protector and their windings are all vacuum impregnation processed. Besides, each gear of our gearbox is from professional supplier and has the same quality with that of automobile's. Therefore our products have little chance for failure.

FORDY is a professional motor, reducer manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide a vast range of products, including paddlewheel aerator, injector aerator, irrigation floating aerator, multifunction floating pump, and more.

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