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Injector Aerator

Our injector aerator has a simple but efficient work process. It inhales air through special purpose water pump and takes use of high speed rotary blades to compel the air into the water. The mixed air and water will become fog foam and the oxygen in air can completely dissolved into water.

Technical Parameters
Model W(HP) (V/50HZ)
TLD-0.75 750(1) 220(single phase)
TL-1.1 1100(1.5) 380(three phase)

The injector aerator is light, small, and easy to fix. It generates little noise when working. Its aeration depth, water injection angle and water current direction all can be adjustable. Therefore it is quite applicable for use in aquaculture and water protection.

As a specialized injector aerator manufacturer and supplier in China, FORDY also offers impeller aerator, high efficiency paddlewheel aerator, irrigation floating aerator, and air jet aerator, among others.

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