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Through years' tracking surveys and data analysis, we found that the most damageable parts of impeller aerator are electric motor and gears. In this regard, our product has been specially improved on these two parts.

Technical Parameters
Model Power KW voltage V/50Hz Oxygen transfer capacity kgo2/h Power efficiency Kg02/kwh Loading Area 20Container Set
YL-3 3 380 ≥4.5 ≥1.5 8-12 80
YL-1.5 1.5 380 ≥2.3 ≥1.5 4-8 80
YL-1.5 1.5 220 ≥2.3 ≥1.5 3-6 85
YL-1.1 1.1 220 ≥1.6 ≥1.4 3-4 85
YL-0.9 0.9 220 ≥1.2 ≥1.4 1-3 85

Our impeller aerator has a overheating and overload protector inside. Once the main power voltage is too low or the heat is accumulated too much the switch will turn off automatically avoiding the accident burning.

The gears we adopt for our product are made of chromium manganese titanium alloy steel and the surfaces of the gears are carburization processed which can additionally prolong the service life of gears.

We take advantage of the patent non-fabricated impellers and these kind of impellers can run without off centering and can be portable. Upon the request of different service environment and customer, we develop the engineering plastic type and stainless steel type for customer's option in order to make our impeller aerator able to be long-term used in seawater or corrosive industrial waste water without frequent replacing impeller.

The motor cover can prevent leaking water into the motor, in this regard, we remove the risk of motor being burning out.

FORDY is an experienced impeller aerator manufacturer in China. Apart from impeller aerator, we also provide fountain aerator, paddlewheel aerator, multifunction floating pump, injector aerator, and more.

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