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ZheJiang Fordy Machinery Co., Ltd. is a reputable aquaculture equipment manufacturer in China specialized in variety of products, such as water cooling paddlewheel aerator, air jet aerator, splash aerator, irrigation floating pump, fish pond feeding machine, motor, reducer, and more. We possess the highest output, largest production scale, and the most complete product catalogue in the domestic industry.

Since our establishment in the November of 1990, we have grown at an almost exponential rate. Our company private property now consists of 33,640 square meters of building area and 22,107 square meters of undeveloped land. Fordy Machinery is also the proprietor of a high-tech research and development center supported by the provincial science and technology agency. Our annual throughput of aquaculture machinery facilities has been exceeded 300 000 sets. We own highly advanced production equipment and precision quality assurance instruments. There is five hundred square meters of aerator testing basin specially built for the testing of outgoing products. Our company is fully equipped to satisfy all client needs.

We began exporting in the 1990s. However, we did not receive the authorization for privatized export until 2003, a notably prosperous period during which our overseas sales had witnessed an unprecedented growth. Sales figures indicate that statistically, we have become one of the largest providers of aerator equipment and other aquaculture equipment in the world. Our company holds the exclusive patent for the cambered gear driven paddlewheel aerator, often referred to by Occidental clients as the "Chinese paddlewheel". This particular paddlewheel has become quite an influential brand on the international market and has had significantly impact on the aerator industry. In 2010, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) invited global bids for a 500 set aerator contract. Fordy Machinery successfully obtained the contract and proceeded to complete the order by December. Our fountain aerator, fish tank mixer aerator, and other high quality products have been exported to fifty five countries and regions world wide, including Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America, and Oceania.

In 1987, the world's first floating electric pump was constructed in our factory
In 2000, we invented the arc teeth gear driven paddlewheel aerator
In 2005, the world's first water cooling electric motor was assembled in our factory
In 2006, we created the world's first stacked impeller paddlewheel aerator
In 2007, we invented the high efficiency paddlewheel aerator
In 2009, we completed the world's first mice-proof feeding machine
We won the bid for the UNDP contract

In Dec., 2007, we attended the Philippines Aquaculture Expo.
In May, 2008, we attended the World Aquaculture Summit in Busan.
We conducted comparison tests in the shrimp pond of Indonesia.
We conducted comparison tests in the shrimp pond of Australia.
We attended the Canton Fair.
In Aug., 2009, we attended the Australian Aquaculture Farm
We became affiliated with the US small business administration institution
We were interviewed at the Indonesian Aquaculture Fair.

Main Products
  • Paddlewheel AeratorWe made a breakthrough on the traditional drive system and achieve a great progress on that of our own product. Now it has won several national patents.
    Impressively, its aerobic capacity 2.59kg(02)/h is 36.3% higher than standard and dynamic efficiency 1.71kg(O2)/h.kw is 36.8% higher than standard...
  • Four Impeller Water Cooling Paddlewheel AeratorIt has two more impellers than ordinary two impeller aerator and its high performance motor is able to drive these four impellers. Thus its aeration effect can be much better and the aeration area can be much bigger. It is applicable for the large scope aquaculture. Being made of engineering plastics and stainless steel, our product is applicable for both seawater and fresh water aquculture...