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For the presale service, we can offer paid sample for customer and the freight should be afforded by customer. During the transaction, we provide a few quick-wear parts for the first order of new customer. Generally we will arrange the shipment within twenty one days after we receive the payment. For after sale service, we provide one-year warranty.

FORDY is a professional aquaculture equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. Our company provides a wide array of products, including paddlewheel aerator, impeller aerator, air jet aerator, motor, reducer, and more.

Main Products
  • Four Impeller Water Cooling Paddlewheel AeratorIt has two more impellers than ordinary two impeller aerator and its high performance motor is able to drive these four impellers. Thus its aeration effect can be much better and the aeration area can be much bigger. It is applicable for the large scope aquaculture. Being made of engineering plastics and stainless steel, our product is applicable for both seawater and fresh water aquculture...